The Miracle Wands Story

Lyndy Ngu, a holistic health expert, and founder of the Miracle Wands system is dedicated to improving clients’ health. As an immigrant to Australia,  Lyndy worked under a mentor in the Ministry of Agriculture. Through this opportunity, Lyndy learned of, and obtained exclusive access to the world class mineral rich deposits of Northeastern Australia for creation of the Miracle Wands in 2011.  

Highly valued for their unique energy conduction properties, and used in combination with Eastern healing techniques, the Miracle Wands system has helped thousands worldwide struggling with a wide range of health and wellness issues including back and knee pain, immobility, sinusitis, skin conditions, and a multitude of others.

Today, Lyndy hopes to bring the Miracle Wands system to as many communities as possible.  In the next ten years, Lyndy’s vision for Miracle Wands includes:

  1. Expanding  the Miracle Wands system of clinical services and self care in the US and abroad.
  2. Establishing the Miracle Wands Foundation to secure grant and donor funding for studies certifying our system for accepted use within the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) framework, and to serve those who cannot afford material and treatment.

Miracle Wands Foundation

The Miracle Wands Foundation was created in 2020 to help individuals suffering from health issues who are unable to pay for material and treatment. Through grant funding and donor kindness, the Foundation also seeks to conduct case series studies to qualify the Miracle Wands treatment as a proven effective method for improved patient health and quality of life in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) framework.

Miracle Wands Foundation

Our Mission

  • The Miracle Wands Foundation was created to:
    • Provide low or no cost treatment to underserved communities 
    • Conduct case series studies to qualify our treatment system for multiple conditions

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Foundation today.